Jérôme des Diguères

Jérôme is an independent technical consultant in agriculture, forage production, and conservation based in France.

Jérôme has a French H.N.D. in Agricultural Accounting and Management from L.E.G.T.A. du Chesnoy (Montargis); a European Diploma in Management and Marketing from Hadlow College, Greenwich Univ., U.K; a BSc Ag. in Agro Business Marketing from Writtle College, Essex University, U.K.; and a MAST Program (International Agricultural Policies), University of Minneapolis, United States.

Jérôme's agricultural and management studies in different countries and his subsequent professional activities have gained him experienced in a wide range of agricultural production systems and agribusiness models.

Jérôme's professional activities have included considerable practical experience with the development and marketing of silage protection products as well as agricultural and estate property management.

Subsequent experience in farm, estate and property management has given Jérôme a different perspective and allowed him to develop new knowledge, activities and especially to remain in close contact with agriculture. Over the past 10 years he has transformed his own farm to 100% forage production, with the product being sold principally to equine and dairy units in the Ile de France and Normandy regions. As a farmer it is easier to keep contact with other farmers and also to deal regularly with agricultural distributors and institutes.

His main motivations to promote Silostop® are based on technological advances such as:

- improving silages conservation and quality.

- reducing DM losses, feed costs and physical labour.

- considering that “SILOSTOP® oxygen-barrier film” is equivalent to the « 4G » in term of Silage Worldwide Technology.