Professor J Michael Wilkinson PhD

An agriculture graduate from Leeds and Newcastle universities, Mike Wilkinson spent over 10 years at the Grassland Research Institute, Hurley, before moving to MAFF’s Chief Scientists’ Group, then into private research and consultancy work, then into full-time university work and research management. His university work has been at Reading, London, De Montfort, Leeds and Cambridge. Now working part-time as a Special Professor at Nottingham University.

Author of over 350 scientific and technical publications, Professor Wilkinson’s research has focussed on improving efficiency of use of grassland and forage crops for milk and meat production.

Research themes include:

  • Factors affecting the consumption of herbage by the grazing animal (1964 to 1973).
  • Novel systems of beef production from forage crops (1969 to 1975).
  • Improving the nutritional value of silage for livestock (since 1969).
  • Factors influencing the ingestion and accumulation of potentially toxic elements in body tissues by livestock grazing grassland treated with sewage sludge (1988 to 1997).
  • Environmental burdens and efficiency of crop and livestock production systems (since 2008).
  • Reducing storage losses in silage (since 2000).


Teaching themes include:

  • Ruminant nutrition (since 1968)
  • Grassland and forage crop production and utilisation (since 1968)
  • Organic livestock production (since 1996)
  • Agriculture and the environment (since1983)