What Silostop customers say

All over the world, farmers are turning to Silostop to ensure they are getting the best out of their silage.

Our customers understand that using Silostop gives them more, better silage that lasts longer. They appreciate that the financial return outweighs the initial investment, and that great silage leads to healthier livestock and higher outputs.

In 2017, 97.000 tons of corn silage were purchased, of which 7,000 tons of silage was used with a transparent film in the sealing of the pit and the remaining 90,000 tons were all used in the Silostop oxygen blocking film. After comparison we found that Silostop film is more tough, it was not easy to damage when we close the pit, the intensity was significantly better than the transparent film. Silage made with Silostop film had no mould on the top, the fermentation effect was very good, and the silage with  transparent film smelled bad. Silostop oxygen blocking film is well isolated from the air to ensure the fermentation of silage, it is recommended.

This is the dairy built and managed by Alistair Pearson with 12k cows in milk and as I mentioned earlier, considered by YangKu and others as the best in China. Alastair’s contract and mega pay-out based on performance was finalised at end of Dec 2017 all downhill now as local managers take over.

Andy at Modern Farms ShangHe

We have been using Silostop® for the past 5 years to cover our corn silage. Thanks to this practice and changes we have done to the entire ensiling process, we have been able to have better quality silage.  It also helps us to meet our goal of reducing losses under 10%. We are very happy with the results obtained with the use of Silostop®, because it gives us tranquillity that every time we open a bunker silo, we are certain that the product is in good conditions to be fed, not needing to remove spoiled areas damaged by oxygen. It is worth it to use it.

Roberto Cerda Caro
Coahuila, Mexico

We first bought a roll of Silostop® plastic from Paul (Kirchmeier Custom Work) for the 2016 crop.  We used it on our haylage pile and high moisture cob corn pile. Spoilage, grey mould and caramelization were greatly reduced, allowing us to feed quality feed right up to the plastic without having to waste feed. 


Neil Anderson, Neil & Brian Anderson Farm

"We first tried the Silostop® Orange oxygen film 5 years ago on half of our bunker silos.  We immediately noticed a difference and began using it on all our bunkers the next year.  We feel that it seals better and see  decreased spoilage from using the Silostop plastic.  We are currently milking 450 cows in South Mountain Ontario. "

Robert Thurler, Thurler farms inc
South mountain, Ontario, USA

I started using Silostop® approximately 3 years ago, after a visit from the distributor. I confess that at first, I did it with scepticism because what they said about the product seemed to be too good to be true.

We started covering only one whole-plant corn silo, while we kept using our regular material with the other silos. After a few days, a farmer, who also had utilised Silostop® around those same dates sent me a picture of the results he got. The preservation of the corn silage was remarkable. This increased my curiosity on what we would obtain, so we proceeded to open the silo as soon as we finished the one that we were using. From those results I only can tell you that from that moment on I use Silostop® on every silo I make.

Héctor Tarango
Establo Don Félix Chihuahua, Mexico

”Our farm silage quality has improved a lot in past years when starting to use Silostop®”

Janne Puttonen, Purhola’s Dairy farm
Hatsola, Finland

"Before using Silostop® I was losing about 6 inches from the top of my piles using only black and white plastic. The removed feed went to heifers or was tossed, and as the price of silage keeps going up you have to do something to cut your losses. After using Silostop® the top layer has little or no spoilage, and we're able to use it all. We had issues with Clostridium Botulinum death or sickness in our herd due to feeding spoiled silage. The value of Silostop® for our operation is seen in lower cull rates and dramatically decreased hospital cases. Silostop® provides reduced shrink loss, decreased labor by not having to remove spoiled feed and, for our operation, decreased hospital cases due to Clostridium Botulinum."

Kim Koehn, Manager
Plains, Kansas | Milks 1,425 cows | High Plains Dairy LLC

“Our silage has never been better. There is no waste and it stays fresh for longer."

Peter Cope
Cheshire, UK

"We’ve seen 100% improvement in the feed quality of the top layer of our bunker since using Silostop®. We used to have spoiled silage in the corners and in the top six inches of our bunkers, but with Silostop® we don't see that. The quality of our feed starts at the bottom of the bunker and goes all the way through to the top. We don't have to pitch the spoiled feed any more. This has saved us labor, but more importantly it ensures that we don't have spoiled feed mixed into our dairy cows' rations. That frustration is gone."

Dirk Appel, Owner and Feed Manager
Alberta, Canada | Milks 240 cows | Spruce Lane Dairy

"It is a 'sleep good at night' product. I don't worry about my forages after I put it on there. Once it's on there - we're sealed, we're good. I don't think about it till the day I open it back up. It's an insurance policy. If a farmer sees the cost on paper, yes, it seems like a lot of money. But when you see the return on investment and how much you're saving in feed within those top three feet and on the sides, you can see the dry matter savings. It's a no brainer."

Paul Natzke, Owner and Feed Manager
Wayside, Wisconsin | Milks 3,850 cows | Wayside Dairy LLC

"No mold on our silage means less sick cows. Our employees are happier too."

Donny and Andy Rollin, Dairymen
Riverdale, California

"We've tried products that don't work, but Silostop® was one that we did try and it was a benefit for the farm. It saved us a lot of waste on our silage and haylage. The biggest difference was seen in the spoilage aspect of the stack. It basically saves you 4-6 inches on your pile. That ends up being a lot of tons by the time you're done with a stack of silage. Silostop® is just one management tool in getting quality feed. You still have to do a good job of putting your feed in and getting it packed down tight and covered right away. All those things affect what kind of feed you're going to get out of your pile."

Floyd Bork, General Manager
Colerado, US | Badger Creek Dairy and Quail Ridge Dairy

"Keith's [Bolsen] done a lot of research and his expertise in silage management is well known. We trusted his recommendation enough to try the product. We were very satisfied with the results we saw that first year, and today we are still covering all of our forages with Silostop®. We've reduced our dry matter loss and we're saving on labor costs because we’re spending less time pitching spoiled feed."

Todd Bengen
Pasco, WA, US | Milks 4,500 cows | Ruby Ridge Dairy

"It's common sense that feeding better forage with less spoilage makes for healthier cows."

Frank Dinis, Dairy Manager
Hilmar, California

"We’ve seen our wastage reduce from the top foot across the whole clamp, to just an inch or two, and plan to eliminate that this year by placing large round bales across the top to complete the seal. Before we would have had to dump the spoilt silage. Now even the small amount of waste is still good enough to feed to the digester."

Stephen Temple, AD and Dairy farmer
Norfolk, England

£I’ve been using Silostop® for 7 years and it has more than paid for itself. It stops air getting to the silage and eliminates waste. I see it as an insurance policy; Silostop® does what it says on the tin."

Richard Pottow, Dairy Farmer
Wiltshire, UK

“The seal on the bale is so much more effective, and the colour, the weight, and the analysis all demonstrate how the reduction of oxygen ingression into the bale improves the quality of the silage. With improved forage, I will also need to feed less purchased feed, so overall the cost of production will be lower, despite increased wrap costs. I also hope to see improved health over the winter period, including reduced listeriosis cases due to the hygiene quality of the bales, and obviously much less waste - all of which needs to be considered when assessing the cost effectiveness.” 

Donald Macdonald
Caithness, Scotland

“I’ve tried many different sheets but, ultimately, it’s about reducing the oxygen. This year I used Silostop® film barrier and that’s made a huge difference, and you can visually see the reduction in waste. I still need to work on the side sheeting and the compaction, but I’ll continue with the oxygen film barrier this year as that has proved to reduce waste considerably.

“As dairy farmers, I think we often underestimate the amount of waste silage we throw away. Not only is it a practical headache to deal with, but it’s costly too. The amount of useable forage has gone up this year, and my hope is to achieve no waste,”

Jack Elliot
Devon, England

"Silostop®’s oxygen barrier sheets have reduced the amount of spoiled silage to almost zero, and the cows are benefitting from a more consistent quality of winter forage."

Steve Cox, Dairy farmer
Staffordshire, UK

“My job is to make sure that farmers get the most out of their silage,” he says. “I can’t understand why
every farmer isn’t using the Silostop® products. It makes absolute sense to protect the energy value of
the crop, and the amount of crop you can feed. It costs a lot to grow, harvest and get it into the clamp.
Why not make sure you look after it over the feeding period?”

Neil Groom, Technical Director for Grainseed

"We have seen a significant improvement in silage consistency as well as a large reduction in wastage and spoilage."

Jonathan Jackson, Dairy Farmer
Shropshire, UK

"Using Silostop® on brewers grain has eliminated waste. We no longer have to remove spoiled grains."

Mick Hulse
Staffordshire, UK

"Since using Silostop® there has been no top layer spoilage, and we have seen an improvement in the quality of our silage."

Mr Rowland, Dairy Farmer
Anglesey, UK

"We get almost no spoilage, and not having to pitch wasted silage saves us man hours."

Kevin Blount, Dairyman
Turlock, California

"Growing high quality feed is a priority and Silostop® adds to the value of our feed."

Steve Belo, Farm Manager
Hilmar, California

When we first started feeding the silage, we could see an increase of 1.5 kg milk per cow. If you compare the investment made on Silostop® and the return that you get, you realise that you get much more than what you have invested.

Alexander Gruntov - Zhdanovichy

It's very important to make good silage, Silostop® helps our farm achieve the best results possible by keeping oxygen out and eliminate spoilage .

Vernon Quaal
Underwood, Minnesota, USA

"After 6 months of storage with my silage bunker ,I am getting at the end with the Silostop Max film. It allowed me to have a corn silage without any losses. One cover for better sealing, The Silostop Max film is always rolled up to be closer to the edge and avoid any air intrusion."

O. DUHAMEL (Dairy Breeder - Chapelle Rainsouin 53)


O. DUHAMEL (Dairy Breeder - Chapelle Rainsouin 53)