Breathable Hay cover

Keeps hay and straw bales dry, while allowing the bales to breathe, preventing condensation.

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Breathable Hay cover (green) 16ft x 49ft
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Breathable Hay cover (green) 25ft x 49ft
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Breathable Hay cover (green) 32ft x 82ft
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Breathable Hay cover (green) 40ft x 82ft
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Correct storage after harvest is essential to maintain dry matter and forage quality. Some dry matter loss is unavoidable, typically about 5%. However, improper storage can cause losses of up to 56%.

Benefits of Breathable Hay cover:
• Allows passage of air and vapour - prevents mould.
• Excellent protection against rain - rapid run off of water with a slope >45°.
• Resistant to wind lifting; extremely tear resistant - withstands even strong winds.
• Reduces the risk of spontaneous combustion by allowing air to circulate freely and heat to disperse safely.
• Long product lifespan.


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