Delivery & Returns


Our standard shipping cost is $100 for orders below $1000 in order value, before taxes and shipping charges. For orders above $1000, we offer free standard shipping across contiguous states (i.e. except Hawai and Alaska). Standard delivery time is between 3-14 working days depending on delivery location and order quantity.


You have 14 calendar days to cancel your order in case you have changed your mind. This two week cancellation period starts from the day you have received all items in your order. If you receive faulty goods, you may also have the right to return these goods and to ask for a repair, replacement or a refund. If you which to do a return please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-833 310 9388.

Faulty Goods

Claim for damaged goods (Click Here)

Silostop will always reimburse goods which may have production issues. Unfortunately, damage resulting from mishandling by the end user is not covered therefore it is important that extreme care is taken right up until the product is finally placed on the silage.


Here are some tips in the event that damage is found on your Silostop product :


- If the product is delivered with visible damage it is advisable to refuse the delivery and we will arrange a replacement.

- If the delivery is accepted please be sure to note any damaged items on the paperwork and get your copy from the driver.

- Take plenty of photos/videos of the damage

- Keep the product and its outer packaging for possible inspection

- Note the batch code of the item (found on outer packaging or inside the film core)

- Providing as many details as possible will allow us to identify and overcome further potential quality issues.