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Silostop Max Plus

Silostop Max Plus Oxygen Barrier Silage Film is the ultimate in tough, durable oxygen barrier cover. It is our 5mil, tough, durable one step film that blocks the entry of oxygen into silage. High UV resistance 180 KLY.

An advanced 9-layer film, Silostop Max Plus Oxygen Barrier Silage Film reduces DM losses in the upper layer, eliminates waste on the surface and shoulders of the silo, and increases aerobic stability at feedout.

It is available in a variety of sizes to fit all piles and bunkers. It’s fully recyclable. More sizes are available on request :

In addition to providing an excellent oxygen barrier, Silostop Max Plus Film has been carefully designed to meet the challenges found in daily use. It can be stretched to over 200% before tearing and has high puncture resistance. It is extremely flexible so it lies flush on the surface to eliminate air pockets. Silostop Max Plus Silage Film comes with a thick layer of protective wrapping to protect it from physical damage.

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