SupaCova Anti UV

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SupaCova Anti UV offers a very strong, long lasting protection for Silostop Oxygen Barrier films. It is designed with a woven structure, which allows the wind to pass through rather than lifting the cover, even in very windy conditions. This woven structure also ensures that the cover remains cool and does not heat the silage.


- Robust and long-lasting, UV protection (700KLY), with a life expectancy of 5 to10 years, depending on climate. Used together with Silostop OB films, it can reduce your plastic consumption by up to 50%.

- 210gsm tight weave, High Density Polyethylene composition protects Silostop films from UV light and physical damage such as hail,birds and rodents.

SupaCova Anti UV should be secured using Silostop Gravel bags to ensure maximum protection.


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