SupaCova Premium Net

SupaCova Premium Net offers a very strong, long lasting protection for Silostop Oxygen Barrier Film.

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SupaCova Premium Net has a 9 needle knitted weave structure that offers strong, secure and superior protection.

Its open weave structure allows the wind to pass through without lifting the cover and is strong enough to prevent damage to the film when used with gravel bags.

It protects against a wide range of weather conditions and rodents. Its robust build makes it a long lasting net with a lifespan of 5 - 10 years. Due to its easy use, labour can be significantly reduced. SupaCova Premium Net can help farmers solve many of their covering challenges.

SupaCova Premium Net is designed to be used with Silostop Max film and Silostop Gravel Bags to eliminate tyres while reducing plastic usage.

Silostop Black

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