How to Use Silostop

Quick start guide on how to use the Silostop silage protection system

- Ensure silage is well compacted and with as flat as possible top surface. Avoid steep-sided piles, a slope of no more than 1:4 is recommended.

- Apply film loosely, do not pull tight, to allow the film to cling to the top surface.

- For Silostop Max and Max Plus apply the black side down onto the silage surface.

- Take care when walking on the film, especially during application. Seal any seams between silage sheets with Silopatch OB tape.

- Protect Silostop OB film with a Silostop protective cover.

- Seal the silo with touching rows of Silostop gravel bags around the edges of the silo, along any joins and cross-hatched all over the silo with no greater gap than 4 meters.