How to use Silostop

Quick start guide on how to use the Silostop silage protection system

Step 1 - Wall film

Apply Silostop Wall film. Make the top surface as dense and smooth as possible.

Step 2 - Oxygen barrier films

When applying Silostop films, do not pull film tight. Allow the film to follow the contours of the silage surface. Overlap joins in the film by at least 1.5m (5ft).

Footwear recommended when applying plastic: flat soled sports shoes (sneakers, trainers, etc), wellington boots (wellies, rain boots), or other non heeled shoes.
Avoid the use of heeled footwear as it might damage the film.

Step 3 - Protective covers

Silostop Black film and Silostop MAX film must be protected from physical damage using a heavyweight net. Silostop Orange film must be protected from physical damage and ultra-violet light (UV light) by an anti-UV net or black plastic.

Step 4 - Gravel bags

Use solid rows of Silostop gravel bags to provide an effective weight on outside edges and seams.

At feed out, always keep a row of Silostop gravel bags on the Silostop film at the top front edge of the feed out face.