Max Plus

An improved product from our previous One Step. Silostop Max Plus's tensile strength has increased by 50% and elongation by 120%.

Higher UV resistance than One Step at 180 KLY (from 160 KLY).

Max Plus is perfect for windy conditions, commodities, feedlots or short-term silage storage.

Max Plus is made from virgin plastic and contains no nylon or threading, making it recyclable alongside regular polyethylene plastic sheeting.


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Max Plus 52 x 164 (ft)
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Max Plus 52 x 492 (ft)
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Max Plus 65 x 492 (ft)
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Max Plus 65 x 1000 (ft)
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Silostop Max Plus Oxygen Barrier Film is the ultimate in tough, durable oxygen barrier cover. Ideal for those who want to use just one piece of plastic, Max Plus offers the same Oxygen Barrier protection as our 2-step system in an easy to apply, 5mil option.



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