June 16th - 2021

Silostop's Photography Competition.

Farm Focus Competition by Silostop

Silostop is proud to present its first photography competition where silage and farms are the focus.

As a company that values innovation and expertise, we have met farmers all over the world who approach ensiling their forage in different ways, but always aiming to obtain the best results possible to feed the heathiest and most cost-efficient forage to their animals.

Through this competition, we want to help farmers showcase their best ensiling practices and show the world what good silage can achieve.

It is a full season competition that will end up with a £200 voucher for the first prize winner, £150 for the second place and £50 for third place. Alongside this, we will grant £2,000, £1,500 and £500 respectively, worth of Silostop product to the Silostop dealer whose entered farm wins the competition.

How to enter the competition:

You will need to sign up here and once you have entered your details, you will receive a follow up email with the first step. As the season moves on, we will send you reminders to upload the corresponding photos.


The aim is to tell the ensiling process story via photos, which will then be judged by our Jury or Silage Experts from around the world. In order to win, you must:

Sign up

• Have permission to enter the farm into the Farm Focus Competition (you may enter as many farms as you like, but we recommend at least 2 of them)

• Send each form (8 total) fully completed and with pictures attached (it is a photo competition after all!), a minimum of 7 photos are required to be eligible for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

• All photos must be submitted by the 31st of July 2022, those submitted after the deadline will not be eligible for the prize

• Jury will vote for the winners during the first two weeks of August

• Winners will be announced on Monday 15th of August 2022 via social media and email

By signing up, you accept the Terms and Conditions of the Farm Focus competition and consent to allow Silostop to store and process the personal information submitted above to provide you the content requested.

Silostop team