8 Questions and Answers about SilostopMAX

Friday 17 February 2017

1)   Why is there a demand for Silostop Films? 
It has long been universally recognised that the quality of silage improves significantly, especially in the top 3ft/1m, when oxygen is restricted from entering the silage.  Silostop’s oxygen barrier (OB) film technology has been proven to achieve these results, reducing visible spoilage and dry matter loss, thus improving the production from home grown silage crops.
2)   What brought about the SilostopMAX creation? 
Throughout the world, Silostop’s original thin 45 micron (1.8 mil) OB film, is covered by either an additional heavy plastic film or a re-usable Silostop Anti UV Net/Open Net, and in many countries, especially in Europe, both.  The reason being that some customers believed that a thin film was not strong enough to avoid a double layer of plastic film and/or a protective Silostop Net cover.  Hence we started the development of a stronger version of Silostop OB film that was also inherently UV resistant, so as to enable the use of a single film, and where possible, a re-usable protective cover, such as a Silostop Open Net.  The use of a re-usable Silostop Open Net should have the huge environmental benefit of reducing the vast quantity of plastic film that is, throughout the world, simply thrown away, burnt or preferentially recycled often at financial cost to the business.
3)   What type of customer do you think this product will most benefit? 
Livestock farmers/producers/AD plants across the globe that are producing their own silage stocks that wish to benefit from Silostops exceptional OB technology.
4)   How do you imagine most customers using the product?
We encourage customers to use this product in conjunction with a Silostop Open Net, a protective cover to stop birds, vermin etc from physically damaging the OB film.
5)   How will your product increase efficiency? 
Silostops OB technology has been proven to reduce DM loss in the top 2ft/50cm of a bunker silo or drive-over piles by up to 50%.  Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated thus removing the task of discarding spoiled silage.  Nutrients are preserved at an optimum level. Aerobic stability of the top layer of silage is increased by up to 72 hours, thus keeping both the top of feed-out face and the silage fresher for longer.  Silage that is fresher, with improved nutrient levels and spoilage free has resulted in healthier livestock, increased DMI, improved DLWG/milk quality and higher production. AD plants can benefit from the reduced DM loss and increased energy within the ensiled crops which in turn ensures maximum methane production.
6)   When was the product introduced? 
Silostop was introduced in 2006 but changed colour to it’s now Trademark protected Orange in 2010. There have been over 50 independent research papers published worldwide about the revolutionary effect of our OB film technology.  Development trials of SilostopMax started in 2015. The product was launched in Europe early 2016, then worldwide September 2016.
7)   Where is SilostopMAX in working circulation? 
Yes, in Northern hemisphere: throughout Europe (mostly Germany, France and UK); in Southern hemisphere: South Africa and Brazil; and in high UV equatorial region: Israel and Pakistan.
8)   How long has the product been in development? 
Following the exhaustive research and development of Silostop Orange 45 micron (1.8 mil) OB film spanning over 10 years, we invested the last 2 years in developing SilostopMax.