Effect of silo management on losses

Monday 23 October 2017

To achieve good quality silage there are several factors to take in consideration, one of them if the effect of silo management on losses.

Nutrient losses during respiration and fermentation losses are reduced by:

  • Inoculation at harvest with 1 million live lactic acid bacteria per gram of fresh crop.
  • Good compaction of the ensiled crop during filling.
  • Preventing oxygen ingress into the silo or bale.

Surface spoilage and aerobic deterioration are reduced by:

  • Covering the surface of the ensiled crop in the bunker silo or pile with plastic film as soon as possible after filling is finished. On large bunkers and piles or when the fill rate is slow, cover as the silo is filled to reduce spoilage.
  • Losses can be very high in uncovered silos, especially in the top 50 cm.

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