Modern Farms ShangHe in China recommends Silostop

Monday 26 February 2018

In 2017, 97,000 tons of corn silage were purchased, of which 7,000 tons of silage was used with a transparent film in the sealing of the pit and the remaining 90,000 tons were all used in the Silostop oxygen blocking film. After comparison we found that Silostop film is more tough, it was not easy to damage when we close the pit, the intensity was significantly better than the transparent film. Silage made with Silostop film had no moldy on the top, the fermentation effect was very good, and the silage with  transparent film smelled bad. Silostop oxygen blocking film is well isolated from the air to ensure the fermentation of silage, it is recommended. Andy - Silage Manager at Modern Farms ShangHe.