Multi-Cut Silage and Silostop Max – The Perfect Partnership

Thursday 29 March 2018

Will Multi-Cut silage increase milk from forage? Yes!

Compared to conventional 2 or 3-cut grass silage:
Multi-cut silage is made from younger, leafier grass of higher digestibility
Multi-cut silage has higher energy (ME) value and higher intake potential
Milk output can be maintained at lower levels of concentrate input

Can I put multiple cuts into the same silo? Yes!
Beware - opening a silo can result in damage to the film covering
Most silage films, especially thin underlays, can only be used once
Using a new film covering for each cut is very costly
Silostop MAX is the answer!

Will SILOSTOP MAX help to make excellent Multi-Cut silage? Yes!
Silostop MAX oxygen barrier film:
MAX Is robust (80 microns thickness), resistant to physical damage, can be removed and re-applied after successive cuts have been ensiled
MAX prevents oxygen from entering the silage
MAX reduces shrink (invisible loss) and top spoilage (visible loss).
MAX promotes safety - less spoiled silage to discard - less personnel on silo

Will I get a return on my investment? Yes!
Trial results show Silostop will give 8% more dry matter in the top layer compared with conventional polyethylene film, worth £1 per square metre of top surface. This is a 3-fold return on investment in Silostop
I will save labour by having less waste silage to discard

Will my silage be higher quality? Yes!
Silostop MAX oxygen barrier film gives:
Better silage fermentation profile in top layer
Enhanced aerobic stability of top layer during feed-out
Lower mould counts and lower levels of mycotoxins
Lower counts of butyric acid bacteria spores

Will my milk be higher quality? Yes!
Higher silage intake means more forage in the diet and potentially higher milk fat
Lower butyric acid bacterial spores in silage gives lower counts in milk and higher quality cheese

Will my livestock be healthier? Yes!
Better silage hygienic quality means lower risk of:
Acidosis, ketosis, mycosis and mycotoxicosis, bacterial endotoxicosis, listeriosis
Digestive upsets and off-feed animals

How do you choose your silage film?
Price per square metre or
High quality, effectiveness and efficient service?

The Best is the Cheapest in the End

Silostop silage films are proven to be the best in the world
12 peer-reviewed research papers in scientific journals, 31 communications to scientific meetings.

Silostop oxygen barrier (OB) films, researched worldwide for over ten years, consistently improves silage quality and increases profit

Compared to conventional polyethylene (PE) film, Silostop OB films:
- Reduce top layer loss, shrinkage and inedible waste silage during storage, especially near the sides of the silo or pile;
- Increase aerobic stability of silage in the top layer of the silo during feed-out;
- Improve hygienic quality of silage at feed-out through reduced counts of yeasts, moulds and mycotoxins;

- prevents butyric acid spore formation;
- Improve animal health and productivity by improving silage top layer quality and reducing risk of mycotoxicosis:
-  Give a positive net return on investment.

Research results - Losses during storage and aerobic stability

Average results from a peer-reviewed meta-analysis of paired comparisons worldwide between Silostop and standard polyethylene film covering bunkers and drive-over piles

Source: Wilkinson JM and Fenlon JS 2014. Grass and Forage Science, 69, 385-392


 Silostop: Leading through research to increase the return on your silage investment!