New Silostop bale wrap for beef and dairy

Wednesday 10 August 2016

If you want the best… then go for gold.  Silostop, worldwide developers of unique oxygen barrier films, is launching an eye-catching gold silage wrap film for beef and dairy farmers, designed to stop the entry of oxygen into any baled silage crops.

The film’s unique ability to be 100 times more effective at limiting oxygen entry into silage – when compared to conventional PE plastic film – makes it a must for producers worried about the quality of the forage being fed to their stock.

“The unique oxygen barrier properties of Silostop film reduces the amount of oxygen that can enter a bale, and can keep pH levels low,” says Jennifer Hitchman, technical manager, Silostop. 

Aerobic spoilage of silage has been shown to reduce forage intake and, with beef and dairy farmers looking to make the most of home-grown resources, getting the conservation process right is absolutely vital.

“Improved palatability is key,” she adds. “The more palatable, the more forage is eaten, with this in turn leading to greater production… be this more meat or more milk.”

Silostop bale wrap has 12 months’ UV light stability, and the company recommends storing unused rolls out of sunlight in dry conditions.  It’s also advisable that bales are protected from physical damage with Silostop open net, a weaved cover, placed over the film – this is predominantly to prevent any physical damage to the plastic.

Testing has also proved that Silostop is more elastic when stretched, as it maintains more of its original thickness after bale wrapping, ensuring greater durability and reduced risk of physical damage.

“The wrap can be used with all types of bale wrappers, and on round or square bales,” adds Jennifer.  “It’s consistent and durable, and offers farmers a great opportunity to invest in a new product which will make sure they are feeding top quality feed for best returns.”