New Silostop product offers valuable energy crop savings

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Silostop, worldwide developers of unique oxygen barrier films, is launching an eye-catching orange on black film – SilostopMax – aimed at stopping the entry of oxygen into any ensiled energy crops being conserved for feeding to AD plants, at this year’s AD & Biogas 2016 event (July 6-7, NEC Birmingham).

It’s crucial that these energy crops are stored in an anaerobic environment to prevent energy and dry matter losses – ensuring plant owners can get the maximum benefit from the valuable feed material.  And it’s suitable for use with maize or whole crop silage, sugar beet or rye… in fact, any crop needing to be stored and later fed to an AD plant.

Worldwide trials with SilostopMax confirm that dry matter loss is reduced by up to 50% in the top metre of silage, and that the unique product, at 80 microns thick, is easy to handle and apply. Its robustness also makes it suitable for larger applications.

“This is a really exciting development,” says Jennifer Hitchman, technical manager, Silostop.  “The new product is in a league of its own, and offers increased aerobic stability – boosted by up to two and a half days – ensuring that the energy crop is stored in ideal conditions, staying fresh and ready to feed into the plant when needed.”

The orange on black film must be laid with the orange colour uppermost and, when visible, is bound to create a talking point.  “The film contains several layers creating a film that is not only strong, but stretchy too, and with only one layer to apply, reduces labour costs as it’s so easy to apply,” she adds.

SilostopMax has special oxygen barrier properties that are proven to be 100 times more effective than conventional silage sheeting. It eliminates surface spoilage and, while the product is UV stable, it must be protected with Silostop open net placed over the film – this is predominantly to prevent any physical damage to the film.

It’s available in a wide range of sizes, up to 27m wide and 300m long. If you would like to know more about this product click here.