No more silage loss for dairy producers, the Leroy Brothers

Tuesday 23 June 2015

This year in Eure, France, Christian Leroy covered his corn, brewers' grain and sugarbeet pulp silos with Supastop (as Silostop is known in France) Orange Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film and Supastop Anti-UV covers. He also used Silomats above the silage face to prevent air entering once the silo was open.

As a result, Christian Leroy, dairy farmer, and brother Thierry Guitry are very happy with the quality of their silage. Previously the corn silos were covered with conventional black PE plastic secured with tyres. "On the top layer and the edges of the silo, silage losses were phenomenal. We commonly had to throw away 10 to 15% of our silage, which meant many hectares were cultivated for nothing! I used to chuck mouldy silage into the woods for the wild boar, but now they no longer have anything to eat I have to buy them grain corn! What a shame!" jokes the farmer.

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