Silopatch Launch at World Dairy Expo

Thursday 29 September 2016

Leading Oxygen Barrier Film company, Silostop, will be demonstrating its exciting range of silage protection systems at Booth AR450 at the World Dairy Expo (WDE) in Madison, Wisconsin.

SilostopMAX, an eye-catching orange and black film, is changing the way that bunkers are covered in the Midwest. The Oxygen Barrier system, incorporated in 80 micron thick robust film, allows just a single covering, saving on both labor costs and the amount of plastic used.

The new film was launched in the US during 2015 and is selling at 10.1 cents per sq. foot. It provides a valuable management addition for dairy farmers looking to ensure all the valuable forage ensiled is kept in excellent condition over the winter.

New to the market in 2016 is Silopatch, a specially developed tape that allows you to simply cover any holes or tears in your sheeting. When taking a silage sample for analysis, there is always a small hole left, allowing oxygen into the bunker, bag, or bale. At just $10 a roll, Silopatch will ensure oxygen stays out and your winter feed is well preserved.

Also featured is Silostop’s Bale Wrap Film, launched at WDE in 2015 and retailing at $180-$200 for a 30 in. by 500 ft. roll. This has been very well received across the US, with farmers seeing large improvements in the quality of baled silage wrapped in Silostop.

The Silostop stand at World Dairy Expo will feature a giant 55 in. monitor that will showcase demonstration videos, focused on how the Bale Wrap works and how a bunker should be filled.

Silostop Gravelbags, to replace tires holding plastic covering in place, will be shown in action as well; along with Silostop Wall Film, a grey plastic used for lining the sides of bunkers. The Wall Film is the perfect product for farmers who really want to go that extra distance in ensuring that all silage stays fresh and nutrient-rich.

The Silostop stand at the World Dairy Expo (October 4-8) will be manned by CEO, Carlo Banchero; along with Professor Keith Bolsen, head of the US technical team, Chris Wacek-Driver, a member of the US technical team, and Tom Chamberlain, a member of the European technical team.

The World Dairy Expo is the world’s largest dairy event, attracting over 70,000 visitors from more than 90 countries over the four days. This year marks the event’s 50th anniversary, with some special celebrations planned.

Visit Booth AR450 at WDE to learn more about the Silostop range of products, and see how this unique film can offer you top protection for your winter forage.