Silostop announces presence at Energy Now

Monday 5 December 2016

Silostop is pleased to be exhibiting for the first time at the Energy Now Expo. Visit us on stand 94a to learn more about our innovative products designed to preserve energy crops to the highest standard. Eliminating oxygen during ensiling through compacting the crop in the bunker or pit and during storage of the energy crops is crucial to reduce waste and DM losses enabling maximum utilisation and output from the ensiled energy crop. Silostops products are the world leaders in creating an anaerobic environment during storage thanks to the oxygen barrier resins used in the plastic. Silostops plastic films are the only scientifically developed and independently trialled film available. SilostopMAX is an 80 micron thick film and designed for use on AD plant silo’s. It is strong and robust, UV stable and importantly it stops the entry of oxygen into the ensiled energy crop. As soon as the pit or bunker has been filled with the energy crop and the final compaction of the last layer has been carried out place the SilostopMAX over the crop as you would do with regular silage sheeting. Once placed over the crop it must be covered with a protective net to prevent bird or rodent damage occurring, Silostops Open Net is ideal for this. Secure the net with gravel bags. Silostops Gravel Bags are a metre long and weigh about 20kg. This is a very efficient system to implement.