Silostop launches world’s first oxygen barrier bale wrap film

Tuesday 15 September 2015

SILOSTOP Bale Wrap Film is a world first new generation bale wrap film using oxygen barrier technology. It is a thin (25 micron) impermeable film that prevents the entry of oxygen into the silage bale. It can be used in exactly the same way as conventional silage wrap, with the same level of stretch and the same basic handling and storage rules.

Dry matter analysis following storage using Silostop Bale Wrap Film has shown a reduction in DM losses of over 40% per bale. Combined with better palatability and animal intake, lower risk of disease caused by mould and yeast and lower labour costs, this translates to a significant saving for the producer.

Recent independent laboratory testing to international accredited standard ISO 15105-2 / DIN 53380-3 by Innoform, Germany, has proven Silostop Bale Wrap Film to be almost 100 times more of a barrier to oxygen than leading conventional silage wrap brands. It has an oxygen transfer rate (OTR) of just 20 cm3/m2/24hrs, compared to nearly 2,000 cm3/m2/24hrs of conventional silage films.  The Innoform tests also replicated the “real life” scenario by stretching the films to 70%, and Silostop Bale Wrap Film maintained its thickness and strength significantly better than its rivals. 

Silostop Bale Wrap Film - Product Information