Silostop sponsors beef feeding trial in Brazil

Monday 2 October 2017

Silostop® is sponsoring an animal feeding trial to assess the effect of its oxygen barrier film on the nutritive vale of corn silage for finishing beef cattle.

Conventional polyethylene film and Silostop® oxygen barrier films are being compared as covering films for corn silage at the State University of Maringá in Brazil.

Two 30-ton experimental silos were filled with whole-plant corn in June 2017. One silo was covered with conventional polyethylene film and the other with Silostop® oxygen barrier film. After a 90-day storage period the silages will be given to beef cattle as part of a total mixed ration (40% corn silage in total diet dry matter) for the animals’ finishing period.

Cattle will be slaughtered at the end of the trial. Weight gain, feed efficiency and carcase traits will be assessed. Silage quality and total recovery of dry matter and energy from the silos will also be measured.

Results from the trial are expected early 2018.

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