Tasty hay and haylage for horses on offer

Thursday 14 July 2016

Horse owners looking for quality forage should be looking to buy haylage or hay that’s been wrapped in Silostop film.

This exciting new gold product is totally unique, and Silostop is the first company to launch an oxygen barrier film.

The technology in the film reduces the amount of oxygen entering the bale, virtually eliminates mould and spoilage, and offers a fresher smelling forage that’s more attractive to horses.

“A lot of horse owners are buying from contractors or wholesalers, and we urge them to ask for this new product,” says technical manager for Silostop, Jennifer Hitchman.

“Many horses – either competition or general riding animals – suffer from forage allergies, often resulting in COPD, from mouldy or dusty feed. Our bale wrap has unique properties and, for the first time, offers owners a failsafe way of ensuring they’re feeding the very best.”

The bale wrap, gold in colour, reduces DM losses and is multi layered for superior strength. The oxygen barrier technology has been proven, in independent trials, to be 100 times more effective than leading conventional brands of wrap.

“With hay and haylage playing such an important role in the diet of horses and ponies, it makes total sense for owners to ensure they feed the best quality,” she says.

If you would like to know more about Silostop Bale Wrap click here.