SupaCova Factsheet

More detailed information including benefits, features and available sizes.


Why use SupaCova?

SupaCova reliably protects hay bales from wind and rain, while allowing the bales to breathe, preventing condensation. The nutritional quality of the hay is preserved for the entire storage period, and mould development is eliminated.

Correct storage after harvest is essential to minimise dry matter loss and maintain forage quality. 

Some dry matter loss is unavoidable, typically about 5 percent. However, improper storage can cause losses of 30 percent or more. 

Nutrient losses in the outer layer of bales can be substantial, even at a small depth in a bale.

4ft by 4ft (1.2m x 1.2m) bale - outer layer as a proportion of the total bale:

2 inches (5cm)   = 16%
4 inches (10cm) = 31%
6 inches (15cm) = 44%
8 inches (20cm) = 56%

Most damage to bales is caused by weathering and leaching.

SupaCova’s advanced protection technology minimises the effects of these factors to protect hay quality all year round.

Benefits of SupaCova

  • Allows passage of air and vapour - prevents mould.
  • Excellent protection against rain - rapid run off of water with a slope >45º.
  • Resistant to wind lifting; extremely tear resistant - withstands even strong winds.
  • Reduces the risk of spontaneous combustion by allowing air to circulate freely and heat to disperse safely.
  • Long product lifespan.


SupaCova comes in two standard sizes:
34ft x 82ft      10.3m x 25m     26kg
51ft x 82ft      15.5m x 25m     39kg