What is Silopatch?

Silostop®'s Silopatch is a premium tough vinyl repair patch that is easy to tear by hand and stick to the damaged silage sheeting, bag or bales. It has a strong solvent adhesive to keep it in place. It is vital to patch up any holes that are made in the plastic as oxygen shall begin to ingress. Oxygen is the enemy when making silage or haylage as it causes DM losses and deterioration in silage quality. Every effort must be made to stop oxygen from entering the ensiled crop. To reduce the risk of physical damage to the plastic film or bale wrap use a Silostop® Anti UV net or the Silostop® Open Net.

What's new?

The Silostop® range has expanded to include an oxygen barrier patch with a silicon rubber adhesive. The biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), a silver coloured layer, provides the OB Silopatch with its unique oxygen barrier technology and gives it a different colour, distinguishing it from our regular Silopatch. 

We recommend:

  • Make sure the plastic is dry before applying the patch.
  • Use straight away after the plastic has been damaged to limit the amount of oxygen entering the silage pit, bag or bale.
  • Silostop® Open Netting or Silostop® Anti UV Net is also recommended to stop bird, rodent, etc.


OB Silopatch is available in 2 different sizes:

  • 4”x 6” / 10 cm x 15 cm patches and 33 m long- 36 rolls per box .
  • 6” x 6” / 15 cm x 15 cm patches  and 20 m long- 24 rolls per box.

Regular Silopatch is available in 4”x 6” / 10 cm x 15 cm patches - 36 rolls per box.

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