Silostop® Gravelbags Factsheet

More detailed information including benefits, features and available sizes.

Silostop® Gravel bags

What are Silostop® Gravel bags?

Silostop® Gravel bags are a very convenient tool to help seal silage bunkers and piles. Their filled weight and shape ensure that the cover is held in place while maintaining a perfect seal. Use of Silostop® results in minimal silage loss, improved animal intake and animal health. All Silostop® Gravel bags come with the following items built in as standard:

  • Tie string
  • Sealing flap
  • Handle
  • Rotation mark
  • Fill-level line

How to use Silostop® Gravel bags

Fill with small diameter (6 to 10mm) smooth stone. This allows for easy filling, water drainage, and long bag life.

Use end to end on edges and seams, and in between, for an effective seal.

For ultimate forage quality, we recommend combining Silostop® Gravel bags with Silostop® protective covers and Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film.