Silostop Bale Wrap improving profitability

Silostop Bale Wrap Film

What is it?

Silostop Bale Wrap Film is the world's first oxygen barrier bale wrap film. It is a thin (25 micron) film which prevents the entry of oxygen into the silage bale. It can be used in exactly the same way as conventional silage wrap, with the same level of stretch and the same basic handling and storage rules.  

 Benefits of Silostop Bale Wrap Film

  • Reduces dry matter losses by more than 40% per bale during storage.
  • Less risk of diseases from accidental ingestion of mouldy silage by animals.
  • Yeast counts are reduced.
  • Better palatability and animal intake.
  • Less film per bale results in time saving and lower recycling costs.
  • Designed to be used in all bale wrapping systems, with round and square bales.
  • Almost 100x more effective at stopping oxygen than conventional bale wrap films of the same thickness.

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