Silostop® Black Oxygen Barrier FIlm

Silostop® Black Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film is recognised worldwide as the leading Oxygen Barrier film for delivering optimum silage quality. 

Silostop® Black is thin, light and very strong, making it easy to handle and apply. Its unique oxygen barrier properties are proven to be over 100 x more effective than conventional black / white-on-black PE plastic, and it stops even more oxygen when compared with clear "clingfilm" type products.

Benefits of Silostop® Black

  • Typically users save between $0.75 to $4 per ton (£0.50 to £3.50 / €1 to €4.50 per tonne) of silage by covering with Silostop® instead of conventional black / white-on-black PE plastic.

  • Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated, saving you money on labour to remove waste silage.

  • Dry matter loss in the top 3 feet (1m) of silage is reduced by up to 50% compared with conventional black / white-on-black PE plastic.

  • Aerobic stability is increased by up to two and a half days, so silage on the feedout face and in front of the cows stays fresh and nutrient rich longer.

  • Despite being considerably thinner than conventional black / white-on-black PE plastic, Silostop® is strong, durable and safe to walk on without the risk of tearing.

  • Silostop® films are thinner and less bulky than conventional plastics and are therefore cheaper to recycle or dispose of.

  • All Silostop® facts are backed up by years of published research.

Silostop® Black must be protected from physical damage with a second layer (e.g using Silostop® Open Net, Anti-UV Cover or regular silage covers).