Silostop® Wall Film Factsheet

More detailed description of Silostop® Wall Film.

Silostop® Wall Film

Silostop® Wall Film ensures you will achieve the ultimate seal and maximum silage protection when using Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier top film. Its distinctive silver-gray colour offers you the assurance that you are using genuine Silostop® oxygen barrier technology. 

Silostop® Wall Film is heavier duty than Silostop® top films to allow for effective application on rough wall surfaces, but it is still light and very strong, making it easy to handle and apply. 

Benefits of Silostop® Wall Film

  • Side and shoulder spoilage is virtually eliminated, saving you money on labour to remove waste silage and resulting in healthier livestock.

  • Users have reported that up to 30cm (12 inches) of silage can be saved from the edges and shoulders of bunker silos. 

  • Despite being considerably thinner than conventional black / white-on-black PE plastic, Silostop® Wall Film is strong, durable and safe to walk on without the risk of tearing.

  • Silostop® films are thinner and less bulky than conventional plastics and are therefore cheaper to recycle or dispose of.

  • All Silostop® facts are backed up by years of published research.

When using Silostop® Wall Film, fold the edges over the top of the forage, then Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film should be placed over the top of the Silostop® Wall Film.