"It's magic, absolutely magic"

Learn about Andrew and Simon Hall's journey to overcome a mysterious problem and how Silostop® products were the unexpected solution.

"Since we started using it, we haven’t looked back"

Hear how Silostop® is helping an AD plant in East Anglia improve its efficiency and generate more and better silage.

Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film Factsheet

More detailed description of Silostop® Ultimate Oyxgen Barrier Orange and Black Films, with benefits, features and product sizes available.

Silostop® Wall Film Factsheet

More detailed description of Silostop® Wall Film.

Effect of the Silostop® silo covering system on the ensilage of grass compared to a standard polyethylene covering system

This report is of a comparison of the Silostop® silo covering system, comprising oxygen barrier film with protective net and gravel bags, with a standard silo covering system comprising standard polyethylene film with tyres.

Fifty years progress in forage conservation and challenges for the future

Progress in the past 50 years is reviewed with reference to the major scientific disciplines involved in forage conservation. Hybrid cultivars of maize (Zea mays L.), the forage harvester, the large baler, polyethylene covering for silos, stretch-wrap for bales, and additives designed to improve the preservation of moist hay and the fermentation of silage all contributed to improved technological efficiency.