Case Studies

"It's magic, absolutely magic"

Learn about Andrew and Simon Hall's journey to overcome a mysterious problem and how Silostop® products were the unexpected solution.

"Since we started using it, we haven’t looked back"

Hear how Silostop® is helping an AD plant in East Anglia improve its efficiency and generate more and better silage.

Silostop® saves high quality forages

When it comes to preserving high-quality forages, Todd Bengen of Ruby Ridge Dairy in Pasco, WA trusts Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film. “We invest a lot of time and money producing high-quality forages, it’s important we invest in proven technologies to preserve them as well. We cover all of our forages with Silostop®, it has reduced our feed loss and labor costs.”

New silage clamps and careful pit management ensure high quality forage

The construction of three new silage clamps and a careful pit-filling and sheeting regime have helped Jonathon Jackson to reduce maize and grass silage wastage at Longpools Farm near Hinstock in Shropshire.

Quality silage is all in the detail

For the Cox family of Manor Farm in Staffordshire, attention to detail is the key to producing good quality winter forage and maintaining high yields from their high input, high output dairy herd.

Winter feed self-sufficiency a key focus for Orkney livestock farmer

Growing and preserving enough quality silage to enable his farm to be self-sufficient during the winter is key to the success of Lenahowe farm on Orkney, where Paul and Fiona Ross run 100 Simmental and Salers sucklers alongside a flock of 135 breeding ewes. Keen to reduce the farm’s winter feed bill and to minimise reliance on bought-in feed, Paul has recently looked to new ways of improving silage quality.

Dairy herd expansion highlights benefit of silage protection

The expansion of the Eastknook herd, from 200 cows to a target of 320 pedigree Holsteins, has highlighted the importance of optimal silage preservation at East Farm, in Knook, Wiltshire.