Silomat is a unique addition to safe and more efficient silage face management

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Silomat is easy to use, robust and long lasting. Conveniently placed handles allow the operator to move the Silomats back safely from the face by the desired
distance each day. The Silomats link together to create a constant and heavyweight seal across the pit face.
Stored on pallets the Silomat is easy to move and is quickly placed across the front of the silage face.

• Provides extra weight and compression along the silage face.
• Prevents air entering at the silage face, improving aerobic stability.
• Handles and clips ensure Silomat can be used on any silage bunker or pile.
• Quick and easy to move back along the pit.
• Long lasting - Silomat has a life expectancy of seven to ten years.
• Safer as you do not having to walk along the edge of the pit face.
• Cleaner to use than tyres.
• Eliminates the risk of ‘wire disease’.


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