Silostop Black Oxygen Barrier Film - For spoilage free silage

Silostop Anti UV cover - For total anti UV protection

Silomat for a safe clamp face


What is Silostop® Black?

Silostop® Black is recognised worldwide as the leading Oxygen Barrier film for delivering optimum silage quality. 

Silostop® Black is thin, light and very strong, making it easy to handle and apply. Its unique oxygen barrier properties are proven to be more effective than conventional silage film, keeping the oxygen out and nutrients in. 

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SILOSTOP® anti uv net

Why an Anti UV cover?

Silostop® Anti-UV covers offer very strong, long lasting protection for Silostop® Oxygen Barrier Films. They are designed with a woven structure, which allows the wind to pass through rather than lifting the cover, even in very windy conditions. This woven structure also ensures that the cover remains cool and does not heat the silage.

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What is a Silomat?

The Silomat was developed as an effective weighting system for above the silage face.  Its weight prevents air from entering under the silage sheeting, but more importantly, the Silomat can save lives.

By keeping one’s front toward the face, and allowing silage to be uncovered 8 feet away from the face, Silomats keep family and employees safe from dangerous falls.  Silostop® has long been committed to silage safety and we are very proud to feature a product specifically designed to promote best practices.

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