What our customers say

Tom Halton
Dairy farmer, Cheshire, UK

"Prevention is always better than treatment"

Robert Ham
Dairy farmer, Somerset, UK

“we could not believe the difference”

Stephen Temple
Copys Green Farm, UK

"Since we started using it, we haven't looked back"

Donald Mcdonald
Farmer, Scotland, UK

"The seal on the bale is so much more effective"

Neil Groom
Technical director, Grainseed ltd

"You've got no oxygen in the clamp"

Ian MacAlpine
Dairy farmer, Cheshire, UK

"Silostop is easy, labour saving and create a very effective seal"

Farm Manager, Ranger's Valley, Australia

"It is the best thing I ever did for the silage system spoilage"

General manager, Badger Creek dairy, Colorado, US

"Silostop was one that we did try and it was a benefit for the farm"

Manager plans, Kansas, US

"After using Silostop the top layer has little or no spoilage"

Dairy farmer, Staffordshire, UK

"Silostop has reduced the amount of spoiled silage"

Owner and feed manager, WI, US

"It is a sleep good night product"

Dairy farmer, Wiltshire, UK

"Silostop does what it says on the tin"

Dairyman, Riverdale, California, US

"No mold on our silage means less sick cows. Our employees are happier too"

Dairyman, Turlok, California, US

"We get almost no spoilage, and not having to pitch wasted silage saves us man hours"

Farm manager, Hilmar, California

"Growing high quality feed is a priority and Silostop adds to the value of our feed"