Using our ROI Calculator

To calculate what the return on investment is if you changed from Traditional PE film to Silostop Orange, follow the steps below.

1. Enter the silage value per ton in the first box

2. Enter the width of your clamp/bunker into the second box

3. Finally enter the length of your clamp/bunker into the third box

Watch the magic happen and see how much more silage you get by simply switching to a 45 micron/1.8mil Silostop Orange sheet.

Want more? Scroll a little more and see how much you get if you use Silostop Orange with a Secure Covers Anti-UV cover.

Silage value per tonne
Clamp width (metres)
Clamp length (metres)
Volume of silage in top layer (tonnes .6t/m3)
Value of silage in top layer
Traditional PE
DM shrinkage losses in top layer (invisible)*
Inedible DM losses in top layer (visible)*
Total losses in top layer
Volume lost in top layer (tonnes)
Value lost in top layer
Additional silage with Silostop (tonnes)
Value of additional silage with Silostop
Extra Cost of Silostop per m2
Cost of Silostop
Net benefit of using Silostop after costs
Benefit of using Silostop per m2
ROI of Silostop
Price per M2
Anti UV (over 5 years)
PE Black

Our ROI calculator illustrates what your investment in Silostop returns in value of extra silage.

*Prices used are examples, as they may vary across currencies throughout the world