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Silostop Pro Net 4400m is an extreme plus round-bale net. It increases the efficiency of the baler by increasing the yield per roll by almost half as much as ‘standard’ 3,000m white net. The new technology reduces fetching and carrying of extra rolls, storage space required, waste packaging and the total amount of net wrap plastic used from the same bale count.

Silostop Pro Net 4400m has nearly 50% more running length on the roll, with a workable roll weight, so it keeps running when others need to be changed.

Silostop Pro Net 4400m is produced with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and has UV additives for each specific geographical area, which guarantees resistance of the material to prolonged exposure to sun and weather, as well as resistance to frost and breakage when moving the bales after a certain time.

End warning system that alerts operator when there is only 70m remaining.

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