Silostop has offices in the USA and Europe, an international technical team of renowned silage experts and a global network of carefully selected distributors.

Three reasons to try Silostop®

Reduced Labour

Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated, therefore saving you money on labour

100% Guarantee

Silostop® is strong, durable and safe to walk on without risk of tearing

Reduced Waste

Dry matter loss of silage is reduced by 50% compared to conventional PE plastic

Leading Global Brand of Oxygen Barrier Films

Silostop Oxygen Barrier Films

Silostop Covers


Return on investment

There are many variables from one farm's silage system to another, and from crop to crop, that affect ROI.

However, Silostop Oxygen Barrier Films have been subject to many universities and commercial field trials for over 10 years. This research has shown that typically users save between $0.75 to $4.00 per ton of silage by covering with Silostop instead of conventional black / white-on-black PE plastic.

This is over and above the cost of the Silostop itself, and represents a ROI of up to 600%, which goes straight to the farm's bottom line!