Silostop® Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film is recognised worldwide as the best film for covering silage.

Silostop®'s range of products help farmers and producers around the world to make the best possible silage, as well as reduce labour and recycling costs. 

Silostop® has offices in the USA and Europe, an international technical team of renowned silage experts and a global network of carefully selected distributors.

The ultimate silage protection system

Praise from our customers

The Silostop® Global Tech Team supports our customers and partners. Meet two of them here

Chris Wacek-Driver

Chris grew up in eastern WI with a dairy and vegetable farm background. She attended the University of Wi…

Professor J Michael Wilkinson PhD

An agriculture graduate from Leeds and Newcastle universities, Mike Wilkinson spent over 10 years at the …


How to minimize top layer spoiled silage in bunker silos and drive-over piles

Monday 27 November 2017