About us

In 2012, the Milbank Group formed ARK Agriculture to provide the agricultural sector in the UK with the latest in silage protection through sloping wall silage clamps. By 2019, the Group acquired Secure Covers® and their worldwide industry leading silage covers, which became part of ARK Agriculture.

It was in 2021, that the Group added Silostop®, the creators of High Oxygen Barrier films, to their portfolio. This group of businesses in the agricultural sector then transformed into Silostop Agri™ to provide silage makers with more silage and better silage while using less plastic.

Some of the largest, most successful dairy farms and biogas plants in the UK enjoy the benefits of using ARK Agri silage clamps - less waste, increased safety and, most importantly, higher silage quality to maximise milk and biogas yields.

Silostop® Films and Secure Covers® can be found in many farms and AD plants around the world, working together to reduce the time spent covering silage clamps, pits and bunkers, decreasing dry matter losses, and increasing their return on investment.

Silostop Agri is now the global leader in all things silage, from silage clamps to HOB silage films and covers, employing an expert team worldwide to help you reduce the amount of plastic used, while producing high quality silage.

Our purpose

We exist to free up your time for the things that matter most. Through easy-to-use, innovative, and sustainably conscious products and solutions, we help you make the best silage possible, generating a higher return on your investment and reducing your impact on the environment.

Innovation: Keeping at the forefront of research and development is vital. We utilise unique, research-backed, industry-leading products combined with exceptional technical support to help you reduce your waste and increase your return on investment.

Support: Providing you with peace of mind is our top priority. Our technical experts are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest developments in the field to give you the best support possible, ensuring you get the most out of your silage.

Responsibility: Our goal is to take care of our customers, suppliers, employees, and planet, as it is the beating heart of our business. Engaging in more sustainable practices and processes allows us to build long-lasting relationships, reduce our impact on the planet and actively mitigate our carbon footprint.

Our technical team

Silostop Agri is supported by an expert technical team. The Silostop Agri technical team provides support to end users and distributors as well as carrying out research projects to establish Silostop’s superiority over other silage covers.

We are dedicated to helping our customers make the best possible silage. While Silostop products have been developed to maintain silage quality through storage and feed out, they cannot guarantee high-quality silage at the beginning - that's down to you! For many years Silostop Agri has been supported by world-renowned silage scientists. In 2014 we recognised that in order to fully support Silostop Agri customers, we needed to expand our technical expertise and provide a team of silage experts to help you with all things silage.

That is why our technical experts work hand in hand with farmers to solve any needs they might have anywhere in the world, from the USA to Australia. ​

The Silostop Agri Tech Team can provide technical advice by email or telephone to help you achieve the best possible silage quality for your livestock. Also, the expert technical support is on hand for workshops, trade shows and farm visits. To get support from our team, simply go to Contact Us page on this website and provide us with details of your request.​

Our sustainability story

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As well as offices in the USA and Europe, we have partners and sales representatives around the world. Please let us know how we can help you and we will put you in touch with your nearest Silostop Agri contact.

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