High Oxygen Barrier film vs Conventional PE plastic film

High Oxygen Barrier film vs Conventional PE plastic film
Silostop is the leading manufacturer of high oxygen barrier (HOB) silage films and operates globally, providing a complete silage protection system made up of HOB films, protective nettings and covers as well as gravel bags.

Unlike standard polyethylene (PE) sheeting, Silostop films are made up of a unique composition of 9 different layers of PE and EVOH which are extruded together, this reduces Dry Matter (DM) losses in the top 1 metre of the clamp and inhibits any spoilage. We have two different types of film available: Silostop Orange 45µm is our original and best-selling film across the world with a cling effect that follows the contours of the surface of the silage. We recommend adding a UV protection layer.

Silostop Max film is an 80µm one-layer product with a built in UV barrier which acts as a 2 in 1 as a cling film removing the need of a top film.

We offer a complete silage protection system beginning with an HOB Wall Film, achieving a total seal and maximum protection when used in combination with a Silostop Oxygen Barrier top film. Silostop Wall film protects concrete walls from corrosion by silage acids and prevents the shoulders from aerobic spoilage, as these, the most vulnerable areas on a clamp.

Silostop Orange is the original 45µm impermeable film preventing the entry of oxygen into silage. It is a multi-layer, light and very robust silage film, making it easy to handle and apply. Its unique HIGH oxygen barrier properties are proven to be over 60 times more effective than conventional silage sheeting. We use an Oxygen Transmission Rate test to measure the amount of oxygen able to pass through a m2 of silage film over a 24-hour period. Silostop films let through less than 5 cm/m2/24 hours whereas conventional 125µm black sheets let through more than 300cm/m2/24 hours and PE cling film lets through more than 1000cm/m2/24 hours.

Silostop Max is the ideal single sheeting solution. It is an impermeable orange on black film that stops the entry of oxygen into silage. It is 80 µm thick and therefore suitable for larger applications. Silostop Max is a multi-layer, strong silage film, easy to handle and apply.

Silostop Max Plus Oxygen Barrier Film is the ultimate in tough, durable oxygen barrier cover. Ideal for those who want to use just one piece of plastic, Max Plus offers the same High Oxygen Barrier protection as our 2-step system in an easy to apply, 5mil option. It an improved product from our previous One Step. Silostop Max Plus's tensile strength has increased by 50% and elongation by 120%. Designed to get an high UV resistance : 180 KLY (from 160 KLY). It is also perfect for windy conditions, commodities, feedlots or short-term silage storage.

Our Anti UV Cover is made of a tightly woven HDPE and has full UV protection which can be used over our thinnest 45µm Silostop Orange, eliminating the need for a 125µm black plastic sheet, therefore reducing plastic usage by 73%.

The Anti UV Cover is made from HDPE, has an open weave allowing wind to flow through without lifting the cover and provides full protection from pests and adverse weather conditions. Our protective covers have a lifespan of up to 10 years depending on climate and storage.

We recommend securing the films & covers with our Gravel bags. They eliminate the need for tyres and remove the risk of tyre wire related illnesses and make an important contribution to sustainable farming.

Discarding spoiled silage has generally been viewed as unavoidable to ensure that only the best quality feed remains. It has been seen near impossible to avoid some degree of spoilage, even in the best managed clamps, particularly in the top 1m and on the surface of the clamp. This is caused by oxygen being able to enter the clamp, resulting in aerobic spoilage as conventional PE silage sheets are permeable and allow oxygen to pass through during the storage period. Physical damage to the sheets such as punctures caused by birds & rodents, hail and sunlight will also all contribute to allowing oxygen to enter the clamp.

Spoiled silage will negatively impact animal productivity due to a reduction of DM intakes, and milk quality and yield as a result. There are also additional costs associated with labour and removing the spoiled silage as to avoid feeding it.

Silostop films have been scientifically proven to reduce visible losses by eliminating spoiled silage, which is typically 10% of the top 1m of the clamp, and invisible losses by an additional 20% through loss in DM through shrinkage. There will always be a degree of shrinkage as the top layer can’t be compacted as well as the bottom of the clamp, but we are able to reduce this to 10%, giving you an additional 20% of valuable feed in that top 1m and a return on investment of 4 to 1 when switching from conventional sheets. The aerobic stability is also increased by 2 days once the clamp has been opened, making the silage more palatable at feed out. Reduced spoilage and increased nutrient levels result in increased DM intake, and improved milk yields and quality.

The performance of our products has been remarkable, our research is continually updated through scientific papers and trials, these have taken place in North and South America, Australia and Europe in a range of different sized applications and climates.

One of our recent trials with the University of Delaware, compared Silostop complete silage protection system with the conventional method of PE sheets and tyres over three clamps and evaluated the losses as well as the quality of the silage in the top 1m. The differences in DM content, NDF and digestibility all indicate a far greater productive potential for clamps ensiled with Silostop complete silage protection system. DM and wastage losses were reduced, and the fermentative profile was improved. An additional 41 trials formed part of a meta-analysis which concluded that the use of Silostop’s system minimises losses in the top 1m layer of the clamp and improved overall stability of silage stored in clamps.

Silostop’s complete silage protection system provides a unique solution, preventing major causes of spoilage, physical damage and improves silage quality – creating a better option for farmers looking to improve yields and silage quality.