Secure Covers: A Sustainable and Reliable Option for Agriculture

Secure Covers: A Sustainable and Reliable Option for Agriculture
Good silage is an essential asset to livestock farmers and to ensure silage quality it is crucial to use reliable efficient and sustainable methods of storage to optimise your return on investment. Key to this is the correct sheet choice to reduce surface waste in your clamp and then the best possible netting to protect those sheets from damage, holding them in place on the clamp and eliminating the need for labour-intensive solutions like tyres.

Silostop Agri’s Secure Covers and Gravel Bags have proven again and again to be the most reliable and technically superior netting choice for covering your clamp.

A unique feature of the Secure Covers is their knitted structure, which provides exceptional strength and durability. Unlike traditional silage covers that use a woven structure, Silostop Agri's Secure Covers are made using a proprietary knitting process.

This knitting process creates a more uniform and consistent cover, which helps to prevent tears and punctures during use, and it does not fray like woven netting.

Additionally, the knitted structure and the patented filament design of the threads disrupts wind flow as it passes over the rough surface. This has been proven in laboratory experiments to prevent ‘wind lift’ diffusing the energy of the wind and the subsequent vacuum which causes silage sheets to lift off clamps.

Sustainability is a growing concern for many farmers, and Silostop Agri's Secure Covers provide a solution. Secure Covers are made from a high-quality, recyclable material that is both durable and reusable and treated with UV inhibitors to extend their lifespan.

Silostop Agri's Secure Covers are also designed to work in conjunction with High Oxygen Barrier (HOB) films. These films are specifically designed to prevent the exposure of the silage surface to oxygen helping to maintain optimal conditions for preservation.

Silostop Agri's Secure Covers offer farmers a sustainable and reliable solution for silage storage. With their knitted structure, reusable and recyclable material, and compatibility with High Oxygen Barrier films, these covers improve the quality of silage while minimizing their impact on the environment.