Testimonial: Using gravel bags in different ways

Testimonial: Using gravel bags in different ways

Silostop’s total silage system has long assisted dairy and beef farmers in making the best silage possible. However, our products are used by a wide range of growers in many fields. Kate and Andrew of Aonian Farms use our Gravelbags to grow natural and organic produce, and they have found Silostop’s bags to be better than others on the market.

The following article was edited and condensed from emails between Silostop and Aonian Farms.

horticulture gravel bags

Silostop: First and foremost, what is Aonian Farms?

Aonian: We are a hand-tended microfarm located in Westport, MA. Though we are not yet certified organic, our produce is grown organically in balanced, no-till soils untouched by chemical applications or artificial fertilizers. Our fertility comes from local, organically certified compost and OMRI listed amendments. Because our vegetables are hand tended, we're able to offer a product of the utmost quality.

Silostop: And how are you using our Gravelbags on your farm?

Aonian: We are using the Gravelbags in two ways. First, to weigh down silage tarps that we lay over our fields in the winter as a no-till way of breaking down crop remnants and weeds to prepare the beds for the next season. Secondly, we use the Gravelbags to weigh down the edges of row cover that we use for frost protection and pest control.

filling gravel bags

Silostop: And why our Gravelbags over others?

Aonian: Silostop’s Gravelbags are longer, and therefore weight the row cover and silage tarps down better. This means we can use fewer bags. We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency on the farm, and reducing the number of trips back and forth with bags can save time over the long run. We also love that they are so durable and don’t get shredded up by the end of the season like some other options we have used in the past.

Silostop: Thanks for sharing your experience- happy growing!

Aonian: Many thanks!

Silostop Gravelbags are roughly four feet long, and should be filled with pea gravel just to the fill line. They have handles for easy movement, and are treated to withstand UV for several years. We sell our Gravelbags in packs of 50, unfilled. See silostop.com/products for more information.

Aonian Farms