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Premium Gravel Bags (50pcs)

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The quicker, easier and cleaner alternative to lorry tyres

Better than tyres on every level

Premium Gravel Bags are made from the same tough long-lasting flexible material as Secure Covers.

When filled with pea-size gravel they weigh approximately 15 kg.

Premium Gravel Bags are very flexible and create a much better seal along the silage clamp wall compared with lorry tyres.

Tyres only have one point of contact on the clamp wall whereas Premium Gravel Bags have contact along their full length helping to create an airtight seal around the perimeter of your silage clamp.

When not in use Premium Gravel Bags can be neatly stacked on a pallet for storage.

Size: 1m x 0.20m
Packs of 50 units


Do Premium Gravel Bags have handles? Yes, each gravel bag has a carry handle.

Do you supply cable ties? Yes, a cable tie is supplied with each gravel bag.