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Pro Bale

What is it? Silostop Pro Bale is a new generation of technical polyethene bale wrap designed for use by farmers and contractors wrapping round and square silage bales. Silostop Pro Bale is unique as each roll is 1800m long compared to 1500m conventional rolls and is the perfect solution for customers looking to reduce the number of rolls required and the downtime spent replacing them while still achieving excellent silage quality.

Higher quality silage more bales per roll: Silostop Pro Bale enhances silage quality in baled silage through the use of technical polythene layers created through advanced blown extrusion and adhesives which create the best possible consistent, robust, oxygen barrier. A high oxygen barrier preserves the quality of baled silage for longer and more wrap on a roll reduces the operator’s time spent replacing rolls on machinery.

Less plastic per Bale: Silostop Pro Bale is a thinner 22 micron film meaning that plastic used to for each bale is reduced by over 10% when compared to traditional 25 micron products. The advance in technology has meant that we are able to get the same fantastic result with this thinner film so baling silage is now much more sustainable.

Usage instructions: It should be used in the same way as conventional bale wraps and will work on all bale wrapping machinery. Before use, it is important to check the age of the wrap and the way it has been stored. Wraps have a 1-year lifespan in storage at ambient temperatures (15 - 20 °C). The normal best practice rules for making baled silage (wilting, dry matter, density and uniformity) apply and bales should be wrapped within 2 hours of bailing so they retain their shape. As with all bale wrapping machinery calibration and maintenance is essential with regular cleaning of rollers to avoid the build-up of adhesive.

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