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Secure Windbreaks

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Rain, wind or hail... Secure Windbreaks have got you covered

Rapid fit Windbreak system reduces wind speed by 75%.

Patent-protected, rapid fit Windbreaks with ratchet tensioning system.

Secure Windbreaks can be used for permanent or temporary weather protection, ideal for livestock barns, storage barns, equestrian centres, zoos, garden centres and indoor arenas.

Secure Windbreaks are available in a wide range of sizes and can be hung in series along the length of a barn or above one another on a high gable end.

When placing an order you will need to measure the daylight width of the bays and the height required. It is also useful to note the size of the stanchions.

Although made to standard sizes, the windbreaks can be cut to the required widths. Detailed fitting and cutting instructions are included with each Windbreak.

How to fit Secure Windbreaks:

Wind, snow, rain or hail, Secure Windbreaks have got your farm buildings covered.

- Tough, non-fray textile
- Easy to install
- Reduces wind speed by 75%
- Allows excellent light transmission
- 10 year UV stability guarantee
- Fully adjustable
- Comprehensive range of sizes
- Download the installation instructions

Alternative Uses For Secure Windbreaks

Over the years we have had customers use Secure Windbreaks for all kinds of different applications.

These include weather protection for cat shelters and kennels, horse walkers and even as a protective cover for Koi ponds.

The pictures below demonstrate how versatile our Secure Windbreak material can be, which can be purchased as material only and customised for all kinds of applications.

Our Windbreak material does not fray or ladder, even when cut, making it the perfect choice for custom jobs.


Can Secure Windbreaks be cut to give a better fit? Yes, the Secure Windbreak material can be cut and it won’t fray or un-ravel.

Can air still get through? Yes. Air can still get through the Windbreak material to provide good ventilation to your sheds and buildings.

How do Secure Windbreaks attach at the top? They don’t. Horizontal tension keeps the Windbreak in place.

How do Secure Windbreaks fit next to each other? Please refer to our installation instructions, point 9. If you are installing on H beams, alternate fitting on opposite sides (inside and out). If you don’t want to be poking holes in the Windbreak you may wish to consider installing angle irons.