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Before you buy your silage plastic, take a look at Silostop Complete Film!Silostop Complete is designed to revolutionize how you preserve your silage, ensuring maximum quality and value for your crop.

Silostop Complete is a 6mil,one-step,strong and flexible film engineered with superior tear resistance, virtually eliminating the entry of oxygen into your silage. This advanced 7-layer High Oxygen Barrier film provides unbeatable protection against pests, hail, and wind. With anti-slip properties and UV stability for up to 18 months of usage, Silostop Complete maximizes crop value while minimizing the time and labor spent covering.

Silostop Complete

It is a single layer film that should be unrolled onto the silage surface as soon as the bunker or pile is filled. Where two separate films are joined there should be a 1.5m overlap. Silostop Complete does not need netting to protect it from hail and wildlife damage though it does need to be held in place with gravel bags or tire sidewalls securing it against the silage surface. Available in a wide range of sizes.

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  • High Oxygen Barrier

    Silostop Complete's unique formula includes a special polymer layer that effectively blocks oxygen, ensuring your silage remains fresh and nutrient-rich.

  • Superior Performance

    With an oxygen transmission rate under 0.2 (cm³ /m² /24 hours) at 20 O², Silostop Complete outperforms traditional silage sheeting by a significant margin, making it incredibly efficient at keeping oxygen out.

  • Durable and Flexible

    Silostop Complete can be stretched to over 200% before tearing, and its high puncture resistance ensures longevity and reliability. Its flexibility allows it to lie flush on the surface, eliminating air pockets that can compromise silage quality.

  • Developed with Farmers, for Farmers

    We have collaborated with farmers and academics for over a decade to develop Silostop Complete, putting our products through rigorous trials and studies to ensure their effectiveness in various conditions.

  • Maximize Crop Yield

    By investing in Silostop Complete, you can generate up to a 600% return on your investment, thanks to better fermentation, reduced dry matter losses, minimal surface mold, and improved aerobic stability at feed out.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Fully recyclable, Silostop Complete helps farmers improve sustainability by reducing plastic usage and waste.

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