Prepare Your Sheds And Buildings For Winter

Prepare Your Sheds And Buildings For Winter

With just 37 days to go (yes, we’re counting!) until Christmas, now is the perfect time to prepare your livestock housing for the incoming icy winds, rain and maybe even snow!

Secure Econoblinds and Windbreaks are robust and easy solutions to prevent drafts and vastly improve the comfort of your animals; because happy animals = happy farmers.

Secure Windbreaks

Our Windbreaks attach to the outside of open livestock sheds to the steel beams and is the best solution in areas where you need a semi-permanent system.

✅ Made from a non-fray, strong and durable knitted mesh, which will last for many years
✅ Easy to assemble and install – full instructions are provided

Secure Econoblinds

Our Econoblinds are made from the same non-fray, strong and durable mesh and use a simple track and trolley system to give quick and easy access to buildings whilst providing effective protection against wind and rain.

✅ Designed for frequent access
✅ Simple track and trolley system
✅ Easy to assemble and install

Features And Benefits

✅ Simple installation with very few tools required – full instructions are provided as well as installation videos for both Windbreaks and Econoblinds.

✅ Fully adjustable – the fabric can be cut and adjusted to fit any size bay due to the nature of the non-fray knitted material (it won’t fray when cut, unlike cheaper woven material).

✅ Manufactured with our patented non-fray, knitted mesh, which is UV stable. This is the same fabric we use in our industry-leading Secure Covers.

The Benefits To You And Your Animals

You need to keep your animals dry and away from any drafts whilst maintaining air circulation in buildings. Poor air circulation can cause respiratory illnesses like pneumonia.

Open-sided sheds do allow air movement but also allow in the wind and rain. Rain soaks bedding forcing animals to bunch up in the dry areas of the shed. Wind can blow bedding into corners having the same effect.

Secure Windbreaks and Econoblind are the perfect solutions because they maintain ventilation without compromising the movement of air.

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