Secure Windbreaks: keep your livestock healthy this winter

Secure Windbreaks: keep your livestock healthy this winter

Winter is just around the corner and you might be looking at ways to prevent wind and rain blowing through your open sided sheds and doorways.

Everyone knows drafts are not good for animal health – we have the answer!

What are my options?

Secure Econoblinds

The Econoblind runs on trolleys held in rails fixed to the vertical sides of your door/opening.

The Econoblind can be manually raised and lowered using the supplied cord and is great on doors and openings you want to access frequently.

Secure Windbreaks

The Secure Windbreak is a more permanent solution. The Windbreak is fixed onto the frame of your building by hooks which attach to the vertical post. The windbreak system can be removed if needed.

Both systems are designed to be adjustable to the size of the opening or door you wish to cover.

The material used in the blind is our own specialist knitted netting which you will recognise if you have Secure Cover nets on your silage clamps.

This means a 10-year UV guarantee and if you do happen to puncture them the material will not unravel and can be repaired.  Both systems are tensioned across their span using the supplied ratchets and built in straps.

How do I know which sizes will suit my shed?

We have a range of sizes that are based on the common bay sizes of sheds. 

The best size for your shed will be the one nearest to the size of your bay. If you aren’t sure we would always suggest going for the larger size as they can be easily cut/adjusted down to fit.

If you are unsure, please get in touch.

How do I install Windbreaks and Econoblinds?  

Installation of both systems is very simple, and every kit is supplied with a full set of written instructions.

Installation of the windbreaks takes minutes and does not require any specialist tools.

Installing the Econoblinds requires the fixing of the rails to the vertical posts of the door and will need an electric drill and some simple tools.

Installation videos…

Why Secure Windbreaks and Econoblinds?

Secure Windbreaks and Econoblinds are an affordable alternative to expensive roller blinds.

Our unique knitted material is hard wearing and will last a long time. Both Windbreaks and Econoblinds are easy to install and can be done yourself without the expense of hiring a fitter.

For prices please get in touch today.