Silostop - Which product is the best

Silostop - Which product is the best
Silostop has been an innovator in the quest for silage perfection for well over a decade. In advancing our technology, we have created numerous options to cover all types of forage and silos. Here’s a quick guide to find the best products for you.

If you use a bunker...

The ideal combination for you would be Silostop Wall Film on the sides and shoulder, Silostop Orange 1.8 mil underlay or Silostop Max orange and black 3 mil over the top, and Silostop Anti-UV Covers covering everything. Then, weight it all down with Silostop Gravel bags.

This combination gives you the ultimate protection for your bunker. You’ll protect the sides and shoulders, which are common entry points for oxygen. Fold the Wall Film over the Orange or Max plastic before adding the Anti-UV cover; this will allow water to run off without touching the silage within. By using an Anti-UV cover, you are reducing single-use plastic and adding increased physical protection from the elements and animals. And you’re adding weight to the entire pile, meaning you can likely use fewer Gravel bags. The final touch really is the Gravel bags - why use round tires on a straight side? Gravel bags line along the entire length and are designed to shed water, keeping everything dry.

If you create drive-over piles...

You want to use our Silostop Orange 1.8mil underlay, our Anti-UV Covers, and our Gravel bags.

A drive-over pile has the advantage of a changing footprint and easy packing. Take advantage of that great density by using a plastic that lays along all the crevices, sucking down onto the pile and reducing oxygen ingression. Make sure your plastic comes all the way to the ground- be generous with the length to prevent oxygen’s entry through the sides. Cover with multiple smaller sized Anti-UV covers to reduce plastic usage and tire requirements. Add weight along all sides, whether you use limestone or Gravel bags. Avoid dirt, as it can grow weeds that attract animals, and sand, which absorbs water.

If you are working against strong winds...

Strong winds are a huge issue, especially in the Upper Midwest and the Plains states. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to work with thin plastic. In these cases, we recommend you use Silostop Max Plus, a 5 mil all-in-one film with oxygen barrier and UV protection built in. Max Plus looks like standard 5 mil plastic, but it is so much more. Tough and stretchy, it can withstand wind and get your pile covered and fermenting faster.

If you have wind plus the threat of hail or birds or wild animals, you may want to consider adding Silostop’s Open Net over the Max Plus. This adds a second layer of physical protection to your pile, and the weight it provides can help keep oxygen out.

If you are covering through multiple cuts...

This is another great opportunity for Silostop Max Plus. The heavier plastic (5 mil) can be pulled back and silage added in as you go. Just be sure to cover immediately after packing and fully seal the silo after each addition.

Regardless of the method you use to put up silage, Silostop has the perfect combination of products for you. Be sure you pack properly, wear flat-soled shoes or sneakers when walking on plastic, and properly weight down the seams and feedout face. If you would like personalized advice, contact us in the US or Canada at 224-830-3798 to speak with a representative in your area.