Strong Windbreaks & Econoblinds for ‘Farmer Strong’

Strong Windbreaks & Econoblinds for ‘Farmer Strong’

In June 2020, David Bowling, a farm owner from Lancashire, contacted us. He was calling about his son, Charlie Bowling, an Olympic Wrestler for team GB.

Charlie uses one of his Dad’s hay sheds as a fitness club and saw it growing in popularity. Naturally, they wanted to protect the new equipment inside from the weather and the people training.

A combination of Secure Windbreaks and Secure Econoblinds was the solution.

Since purchasing 4 Econoblinds and 4 Windbreaks from us, Charlie’s fitness club (Farmer Strong) has grown! Things have taken off with more equipment, more followers, and more members.

In September 2021, Charlie needed a Secure Econoblind for the rear of the shed, which leads to the outside gym.

Charlie said, “I have the Econoblinds fitted on my outdoor gym; it does do a good job at keeping my equipment protected from the bad weather and surprising how well it stops the wind from getting into the barn. In winter, it’s ideal when it’s cold as it takes away the bitter wind and keeps everyone warm when they are training”.